How an impossible harbour was realized (1980) (2013 Remaster)

The film outlines the history of Harlingen and the building on the harbours of this city. The latest harbour made in Harlingen, is the industry-harbour, which was finished in 1978. This documentary not only shows the building on and the official opening of the harbour, but it also takes up the backgrounds and the making of the plans. This happens for example by means of an interview with Mr. B. Nauta, in former days the mayor of Harlingen. Engravings, old pictures and prints illustrate the building of the harbours in this city. To approach the subject from an unexpected side, two little boys who make a radio-programme about the new harbour, are being performed. The film experienced it’s premiere in April 1980 in Harlingen. In that time, it raised a lot of agitation by both advocates as opponents. 

Trailer “Hoe een haven niet kon, en er toch kwam” from Noorderlicht Film on Vimeo.

Title: How an impossible harbour was realized (1980)
Production: Alternative Film Institute, Harlingen
Idea & direction : Henk Penninga
Camera : Willem Heshusius
Sound: Frank du Pon
Voice-over : Rene Damen
Editing : Ernie Damen
Lenght : 58 minutes, Dutch spoken
Format : 16 mm film (blow-up super-8)