Henk Penninga

Henk Penninga – Director

Henk Penninga (1949) started as a filmmaker with the super-8 format.

Between 1976 and 1978 he made the “Harlinger Stadsjournaals”, followed in 1980 by the documentary “Hoe een haven niet kon en er toch kwam”, a film about the history of the harbours in Harlingen.

Later on, he made together with others, the film “De Lauwersmeer, een portret” (1982, by order of the National Society for preservation of the Waddensea), and several videofilms.

In 1985, Henk Penninga founded, together with Wieke Mollema, the filmproduction company Noorderlicht Film.

Between 1992 and 1995 he worked with a small crew on the long documentary “Doarp” (Village). The premiere of this film was held on the Dutch Film Festival Utrecht, in September 1995. After that, the film was shown in several cinema’s in Holland.

In december 1995 and January 1997, “Doarp” was broadcasted on Dutch television by the NCRV. The film was also selected for a number of filmfestivals abroad, like France, Spain and Portugal. In July 1996, “Doarp was awarded with the ‘Special Prize of the Jury for the best Foreign Documentary’ at the 4th European Film Festival in Avilès, Spain.

For many projects produced by Noorderlicht Film, Henk is the supervisor.

In the period 2002-2009 he wrote, directed and edited the short fiction film “Nei Boppe”, and the documentaries “Ald Dyk” and “Ien fan us”. All these films were selected for the main filmfestivals in Holland and for some festivals abroad.

Also, for two days in the week,  Henk Penninga teaches ‘Film and Video’ at the NHL University in Leeuwarden.