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One of us (2009)

ONE OF US tells the story about the special friendship between a Dutch and a German family that started at the end of World War II

Ald Dyk (2007)

‘ALD DYK’ (Old Dyke) is a portrait of de Oude Bildtdijk, which is situated in the north-western part of Friesland. This longest street of Holland (with house-numbers from 1 to 1229) is 14,5 kilometres long, and was build 500 years ago, as a barrier against the former Middelzee.

Nei Boppe (2002)

NEI BOPPE is about a window washer who suddenly gets afraid of heights while working on a tall skyscraper.

My Village (1995)

Documentary about rural life, in and around a village in Friesland.

How an impossible harbor was realized (1980)(2013 Remaster)

Documentaire over de ontwikkeling van de visserijhaven in Harlingen.

External Productions (1999-2009)

Noorderlicht Film has produced films for other filmmakers and also in order by other clients. Click here for a summary.