Nei Boppe

Boppe, the main character, is working as a window washer for a cleaning company. One day while working on a skyscraper he gets afraid of heights. He has to take a day off.

A visit to a doctor, a coincidental meeting with an unknown woman, a walk through the city and maybe a little time for his passion, seem to give some relief.

When he gets back home, he finds a room full of children having a party. Boppe had a nice day.

NEI BOPPE was shot in and in the surroundings of the city of Leeuwarden.

Production: Noorderlicht Film, Wieke Mollema
Production assistents: Astrid Stevens, Nynke Penninga & Ykerim Krol
Idea, Direction: Henk Penninga
Camera: Willem Heshusius
Camera assistent: Wybrand Weidema
Sound & Mixage: Jaap van de Meer
Setphotography: Dennis Claessen
Styling, Setdressing: Trynke Havinga, Olga van der Meer, Carlijn Baarslag,Kaspar van den Brink & Marit Bruininga
Make-up: Neel Langhout & Alberta de Ruiter
Editing: Henk Penninga
Cast: Joop Wittemans (Boppe) Astrid Reitsema (unknown woman) Hanneke Sleumer (fairy godmother) Andries van den Bosch (doctor) Gerlof Glazema, Sybille Kroon, Elles de Jong and many more
Language: Frisian
Subtitling: Dutch,
Length: 30 minutes
Format: DV-Cam/Betacam SP
Distribution: Polestar Film, DVD
Premiere: Noordelijk Film Festival 2002